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Basket Plant with Bee Venom - Balsam for Body

Basket Plant with Bee Venom - Balsam for Body
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Model: 75 ml
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Description: Basket Plant is a powerful bio-stimulator with wide range of properties. Thanks to its unique composition basket Plant is useful for many disorders and illnesses. Basket Plant is especially effective for joint and spine problems: rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis and others.

Indications for Use: Basket Plant Balsam with bee venom has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, warming, restorative effects; it prevents accumulation of salts, makes spine disks more elastic and flexible. Basket Plant Balsam with Bee Venom is highly recommended as a supportive aid for complex therapy for radiculitis, myositis, sciatica, gout.

Ingredients: water with silver ions, bee wax, basket plant extract, juniper oil, bee venom, bear bile; extracts of birch tree fungus, skullcap herb, St. John Wort, Elecampane, Burdock, Red Pepper; hydrolyzed Collagen, glycerin, stearate DEG, preservatives.                     

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