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Model: Advanced Essential Fatty Acid Omega-3-6-9 Oil Supplement
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Omega-3-6-9 Oil Supplements Provide Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

The EFAs in OilSMART Omega oil supplements come from flax, borage & fish oils. OilSMART also contains lipase, a beneficial fat-digesting enzyme. Many people are hesitant to take fish oil because of the fishy taste and unpleasant repeat that occurs with many supplements. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down the fats in OilSMART and helps to prevent the fishy aftertaste. Lipase also makes the EFAs in OilSMART easier for the body to absorb. Each capsule is colored with carob to protect the oil caps from the damaging effects of light, enhancing the oil benefits.

Advantage of Omega-3 Supplementation

Many health experts now recommend that Americans eat more cold-water fish because of its nourishing essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as Omega 3. EFAs cannot be manufactured in the human body and must be acquired through diet, but most people do not consume enough. For many people, eating cold-water fish every day is not realistic, plus fish often contain contaminants such as heavy metals and PCBs.

One of the major advantages of taking a high-potency Omega oil supplement such as OilSMART is that purification techniques are used to ensure that the beneficial oils are free of detectable levels of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants. Also, taking a daily oil supplement is less expensive than eating salmon every day!

As an aid to the overall health of the body, Essential Fatty Acids:

  • nourish active tissues, such as the brain, heart, eyes & kidneys
  • support healthy immune function & nervous system function
  • maintain circulatory health & healthy metabolism
  • support brain health & development
  • promote a positive mood
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